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The Electric Auto Association "promoting the use of electric vehicles since 1967"

Albuquerque Chapter

Tired of Waiting for Detroit to Start Building Electric Cars?

  The Electric Auto Association is here to assist anyone with a desire to build their own electric vehicle, using off-the-shelf parts and modest tools.   There are thousands of commercially and privately built EV's registered and operated on America's roads today, yours could be one of them!

  * Lots of fun to own, operate and show
* Non-polluting
* No Belts, Hoses, Filters or Fluids to change, EVER
* No Mandated Emission Tests - EV's are exempt in Bernalillo County
* Virtually no maintenance, estimated motor life is greater than 250,000 miles
* Instant heat in wintertime, A/C in summer
* About half of the cost per mile to operate compared to gasoline, with "fill-ups" as close as any electrical outlet

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